Conversations in the Akashic Records

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I recently had a video chat about the Akashic Records with Yael Reinhardt-Malitsah, the founder of Simply Be Well. Yael asked interesting questions and I enjoyed being a part of this in-depth, wide-ranging conversation. 

The first part of the video is about the Akashic Records and how I work with them. The second half (starting at 32:30) includes a short session in which I open the Akashic Records of the plant Cannabis. This is a great way to learn more about how I conduct an actual Akashic Records session.

Some Written Highlights of the Conversation:

What are the Akashic Records?

I like to tell a little creation story to help answer this question. Imagine that you were once a part of the ocean of All-That-Is or Source. You were completely merged with the ebb and flow of all that water. Then one day you began to notice that your little drop within the vast ocean of Source was a bit different from the drops next to you. Maybe you noticed that your drop was turquoise while another drop was emerald green; or your drop was dancing in the foam on the surface while other drops were deep down in the ocean. 

That moment that you became aware of yourself as a unique and separate being is the moment your soul was born. And from that moment on, your Akashic Records began to carry the frequency of your particular soul’s vibration. The Akashic Records are the storehouse for everything you’ve experienced since you first individuated from Source.

Can my Akashic Records be changed?

Your Akashic Records are already always in motion, so you don’t need to worry about trying to change them. Your soul and personality are always evolving in partnership with each other. Every new awareness that you have, in or out of your Akashic Records, contributes to this shifting awareness. 

The Akashic Records are not linear or fixed, but a dynamic flow of energy. They hold the frequency of Sacred Space and Sacred Time. When your Akashic Records are opened you are connecting to the Sacred Now of your soul, which is always evolving. The Akashic Records always support your free-will choices. 

How can the Akashic Records help when I’m feeling stuck in either/or dilemmas?

One example of an either/or dilemma is if you are struggling in your marriage and trying to decide whether to leave your husband or stay. Your mind swings back and forth between the two choices, and you feel all churned up inside with an urgency to decide one way or the other.

However, either/or doesn’t really exist in the Akashic Records, as the guides tend to look at issues from a more unified perspective. A metaphor that they often show me when a client is stuck in an either/or dilemma is an image of a seesaw. You go up or down depending on which choice feels more right in the moment. But as soon as you’ve gone down on one side, the opposite motion brings you back down to the other side. You keep tipping back and forth between the two choices.

A helpful visualization exercise when you’re stuck on the either/or seesaw is to imagine that you are standing in the middle of the seesaw, at the fulcrum. You can gently shift towards one direction or the other, while maintaining your balance in the center. This metaphor helps you to integrate the two sides of your dilemma into a more unified choice. 

It is common for people to be hard on themselves because they think they “should” make a quick decision about an important dilemma. The Akashic Records are very non-judgemental about this, encouraging you to accept wherever you are in your decision making process. 

What wisdom does the plant Cannabis have to share?

The primary mission of Cannabis is to help you remember that everything is sacred. Cannabis energy helps us go back in time to primeval, beautiful landscapes. It is a sacred, earthy, simple energy. It offers a soul medicine that reminds us that we are already connected to all of creation, including ourselves.

One of the gifts of Cannabis is to help you be present to the beauty of this moment. Like an image of people sitting around a campfire at night, there is a feeling of community with other people and with nature. Everything in nature is a member of your family. 

You can still connect to the sacred energy of Cannabis even if you don’t physically partake of Cannabis products. One way to do this is to look at a picture of a Cannabis leaf or plant. You can just slow down and receive, and feel what shifts in you as you connect with the Cannabis image. You are infusing yourself with that energy, like the way smoke carries energy and awareness from here on earth up to the heavens and back down again. It is more subtle than actually smoking or ingesting Cannabis, yet that subtle medicine can evoke deep healing.

Thanks for tuning in to my conversations with Yael and Cannabis. 

I hope you enjoyed this exploration. If you would like to have your own conversation with the Akashic Records, a good way to begin is by signing up for a Free Mini-Session.

Now that you’ve met Yael, I’d like you to know that not only is she an insightful conversationalist; she’s also the brilliant website designer who created my website. Learn more about her business at Pixel Happy Studio.

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