Amethyst: Kindest of Teachers

BY Suzanne West

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The Akashic Records are usually talked about as the Soul records of human beings. But did you know it is also possible to open the Records of non-human beings, such as trees, animals, or crystals? I have had the honor to open the Akashic Records of the crystal Amethyst to receive insights and guidance from this beautiful purple member of the crystal kingdom. I think you will find the wisdom of Amethyst to be fascinating and profound as I share that conversation with you.

What is Amethyst’s mission here on Earth?

The Earth is my Mother, as She is yours. Earth and I are in a collaborative partnership. I was born of a compressed spark of light deep within the Earth. My intention is to radiate integrity. I assist in releasing whatever is out of integrity in a very gentle way.

What energy does Amethyst bring to a space?

I offer prismatic refraction of lavender light that emanates with healing and integrity. Realignment with integrity is a form of healing. Although my frequency is very soft, gentle, and pleasing to the eye, I also possess a great clarity that is wise and holds steady. I elevate the frequency of those in a room while at the same time meeting individuals wherever they are. I hold my own steady frequency while also being in relationship to the frequency of others. From a human perspective you might say that I emanate compassion while also having good boundaries.

How can Amethyst help an individual?

Let us have a comfortable conversation together. I am here, holding my steady frequency of healing and integrity. Where are you in this moment? What concerns do you bring? Let us talk this over together.

Like a wise teacher, I have the ability to accept you where you are now while also helping you to evolve in new directions.

I stand ready, willing, and eager to assist individuals in this way. Tell me what is in your heart and then sit quietly, listening for my wisdom to echo in your heart space. Although I hold the highest intention of integrity I offer no judgement about the level of integrity or self-growth that you are currently manifesting. Since I feel no attachment to a specific outcome or standard for your growth, I am able to support you just as you are. I am the kindest of teachers.

How can Amethyst assist helpers and healers to work with others?

Tune into my energy via a piece of amethyst crystal in your treatment space, classroom, etc.(Or tune into my energy frequency if you don’t have an amethyst crystal.) I lead by example. As I am the gentlest of teachers without judging, so too can you radiate my qualities as a healing practitioner, helping professional, or caregiver. If you feel yourself pulled into judgement of yourself or the person you’re working with, simply and gently re-align yourself with the frequency of Amethyst and return to your most serene and purposeful ability of service.

I am very happy to assist in this way and truly welcome you connecting to my frequency. I hold the space of open-hearted compassion for you so that you are better able to hold that space for others.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you?

I am composed of multiple facets, many points of view that when put together form a whole. You may perceive me as one crystal in your space, yet as Amethyst I am part of all the Amethyst crystals that have ever been or will be created. Please allow my largeness of Being to be experienced within the smaller individual crystals that you may encounter.

Although I am wise and steady and radiate integrity, my energy is also light-hearted and sparkling. I don’t take anything too seriously and I embrace who I am and who you are. I want everyone to feel good about themselves just as they are in this moment. Feel free to rest in my soft energy to help you remember how beautiful you are!

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