Words of Wisdom

To support your Journey

As I sink more deeply into my later years I can sense the majestic flow of a river, pulsing with energy, its current just beneath the surface of everyday life.

I have learned to receive and trust the wisdom of this river that originates from Source and flows through me. This sacred river connects the seen with the unseen, earth with heaven, and body with soul.

Allow yourself a moment to sink into the awareness of this vast mystical river. I invite you to join with me as we float in the currents and trust in the wisdom that arises.

Imagine us floating together as I share musings and explorations from the imaginal realms through the magic of metaphor, symbols, stories, dreams, the Akashic Records, poetry, and archetypes.

Commune with me as I explore and play with the weaving and unwinding of soul-nourishing themes: the Sacred Feminine, what it means to be a Crone, connecting with the Moon, nature messengers, embodied wisdom, and seasonal cycles.

From my heart to yours, I offer these chronicles of my inner wisdom journey, in hopes that my words will support you on your own journey.

Suzanne West
A women holding an apple in her hand


What Comes After the Creative Pause

Life transitions and trusting the wisdom of the river.

blue butterfly on white flowers

Akashic Records

The Creative Pause

As I honor the rhythms of my own natural process, I will be taking a creative pause in my Akashic Records practice.


Akashic Records

Conversations in the Akashic Records

A fascinating glimpse into the Akashic Records and the Cannabis plant.

Energy vampires are not scary.

Akashic Records

Energy Vampires: Leave the garlic in the kitchen!

Don’t be afraid of energy vampires, for they are your boundary teachers.

Brown spiked seed pods backlit by the sun representing Cailleach can help you your potential.

The Sacred Feminine

Cailleach: Keeper of the Mystery of the Seeds

Wisdom from an ancient goddess who blesses all your seeds of potential.

Stones in sand: Akashic Wisdom with Suzanne West

Akashic Records

Exploring the Akashic Records: My Interview

Learn more about Suzanne and the Akashic Records.

amethyst crystal

Amethyst: Kindest of Teachers

Conversation with the lavender crystal that radiates healing and integrity.


Akashic Records, Cycles

The Winter Solstice: Still Point of Transformation

Connecting with the restorative power of darkness.

Sun rays shining through summer trees

Akashic Records, Cycles

The Summer Solstice: Connecting with the Sun

Exploring the outer and inner light of the sun.