What Comes After the Creative Pause

BY Suzanne West

It’s been almost a year since I took a creative pause from my Akashic Records practice. A lot has happened in that time. My creative pause opened a space for something unexpected to happen. 

My husband and I were talking last October and both simultaneously realized that we wanted to live near our grandchildren. It was as though the idea was a fruit on an unseen tree just outside our conscious awareness that suddenly ripened and fell into our laps. It was an “Aha!” moment, bringing clarity that moving to be near our grandchildren was the next right thing.

The move from Delaware to North Carolina took most of my time and energy for over six months. It was exhausting and illuminating to clean out the old home, and move into the new one. In the process I let go of a lot of possessions, old ideas and expectations, and spent time pondering how, or if, my Akashic Records business fits into my new life. 

With my deepening commitment to being a hands-on grandmother I have discovered that my priorities have shifted. I want to spend my time enjoying my grandchildren and continuing to explore my creativity. So I am retiring from my business and will no longer be offering Akashic Records sessions. 

However, I do feel called to be of service by sharing wisdom and guidance through my words. My writings will be my own insights and musings that may include some collaboration with the Akashic Records. My website will still exist as SuzanneWest.com but is transitioning to a simpler blog format, Words of Wisdom

Some of the themes I plan to write about include the Sacred Feminine, the Crone archetype, nature messengers, seasonal cycles, exploring metaphors and symbols, creativity, and owning your wisdom.

I hope that the sharing of my wisdom and inner explorations will be helpful and supportive for your life. I look forward to connecting with you in a new way with my Words of Wisdom!

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