The Creative Pause

BY Suzanne West

Recently I have been undergoing a process of letting go, sorting, and prioritizing. I am feeling the urgency of moving towards my 67th birthday. I’m wondering how much time is remaining to me in this lifetime and how I might best use that time. I am consciously moving into the Crone phase of my life. 

On the physical level I have been sorting through old journals, letters and papers, and getting rid of most of them. They belong to the past, not to who I am now. I have been giving away furniture, books, and household items that are no longer useful or loved.

I have also been sorting and prioritizing in the realms of my soul and emotions. I am reassessing how I show up as my authentic self in relationships. Releasing old emotional patterns that no longer serve me. Claiming more space for my creative explorations through weaving, poetry and songwriting. Practicing the deep rest of Yoga Nidra. Drinking from the well of the Sacred Feminine. Paying attention to my dreams and tuning into the cycles of the Moon.

Nature has her own ways of taking a creative pause, a sabbatical, before new life emerges.

Snakes shed their skins throughout their life cycle as they grow larger. There is a dissolution phase as all the caterpillar cells inside the cocoon reform into a butterfly. Bears hibernate before they reemerge in the Spring. Seeds are quiescent and waiting, deep in the soil, before the seedlings begin to sprout.

As I honor the rhythms of my own natural process, I will be taking a creative pause in my Akashic Records practice. This will allow me the time and space to discern how I can more joyfully express my wisdom and gifts as an elder, a crone. I will be pausing my session offerings for several months as I take the time to sit in my cocoon and allow what comes next to emerge. I am going to be sitting in the Unknowing and trusting my internal guidance. 

I will let you know what emerges when I return. If you would like to receive that update in your email inbox, you can sign up for my newsletter and I’ll keep you in the loop!

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In the meantime, I leave you with these Contemplative Questions so you can ponder how a Creative Pause might be helpful in your own life: 

•  What is it time to let go of? What am I holding onto that no longer serves me?

•  What parts of my life might benefit from taking a Creative Pause? 

•  Who can I reach out to for deep listening and support during my Creative Pause? 

•  How may I honor and manifest the inspiration that arises during my Creative Pause?

 Here are some supportive resources that have been helpful for me as I enter my Creative Pause. They might help you too!

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