Cailleach: Keeper of the Mystery of the Seeds

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The Akashic Records are usually understood as the Soul records of human beings. But did you know it is also possible to open the Records of non-human beings, such as trees, animals, crystals or even Goddesses? I have had the honor to open the Akashic Records of the Goddess Cailleach to receive insight and guidance.

In Celtic mythology Cailleach (pronounced “kye-luhkh”) is an ancient goddess who is sovereign over the land. The word Cailleach means “old woman” or “the veiled one” in several gaelic languages. She usually takes the form of an old crone and is associated with the season of Winter. She controls the elemental powers of nature, especially storms. The Cailleach often resides in barren, mountainous regions, and several mountains in the British Isles are named after her.  

I think you will find her wisdom to be fascinating and profound as I share that conversation with you here.

What is Cailleach’s purpose or mission?

I am an ancient Keeper of the Earth. I have been with the Earth since the very beginning of time on this planet. I am here as a Keeper and witness to the Earth for as long as she endures. When she is gone I will have an assignment to another place. I am like a shepherdess, herding the flock of earth currents and energies through the eons. I am also a midwife, as Earth is continually evolving and birthing herself with my assistance.

How old is Cailleach?

I am ancient. This is not my first assignment as a Keeper. I have been Keeper for several planets or worlds before the Earth. I am older than the Earth and older than you can possibly imagine.

What is the source of Cailleach’s power? 

My power is of the elemental forces of wind and water. I command the vortex energy  that can be called up or whipped into a frenzy. My power is not to be feared, but respected. It is not personally directed to be destructive of any person or thing but is simply the expression of the fierceness of All That Is as expressed through the Earth and her atmosphere.

My powers of storm and destruction and vortex energy are useful ways of clearing, cleansing, releasing and making way for the new. However, I do not regard the “usefulness” of my actions. I simply respond to the fluctuations of Earth energies and correct where needed. It is my job as Keeper to do this.

What is Cailleach’s relationship with death and transformation?

I express the balance of death and life. Some may say I am a harsh mistress, yet I say that Winter is necessary for Spring, that storms are necessary to clear out the old, that death is a necessary balance to life. I represent the circular motion of that balance. In some ways my reputation as destructive is simply reflective of the human tendency to only notice when things go wrong or are dramatic. 

I am always here, keeping the balance of the All, the flow of the circle of Life. I express transformation through the flow of the turning of the seasons and the rotation of the earth and the movement of the winds. All these movements are continually evolving towards transformation. 

I am the Completer of the Cycle of Life and Death. I move the polarity of Life/Death into unity by my balancing of seasonal and elemental flows of energy.

How may people find balance within themselves?

To find balance in your own nature, recognize that you are of the Earth and that your cycles must also be honored as a part of this seasonal flow. Put your personal daily life cycles into the greater context of the seasonal cycles and you will stand upon a firmer foundation. 

Your bodies and emotions also respond and flow with the Earth and her seasons, although in modern times you rarely notice or acknowledge this connection. Your projects and life events also have their seasonal cycles with beginnings, middles, and ends.

When you have an issue or concern, stop and ask what season your issue is in at the moment. Is it at the very beginning, fresh and new like Spring? Or perhaps, like the ending of a relationship, it is in the phase of dormant Winter. Knowing which phase or season your issue is expressing will bring you clarity so that you can focus your energy in a more fruitful way.

What seeds of potential in our lives is Cailleach guarding for the next season?

She holds out several seeds that lay on her wrinkled palm and blows them away in a gust of breath to fall wherever they may land. When seeds are planted in this way, some will flourish and some will die and that is the way of things.

 Allow the mysterious seeds of your being to be released and to find their own lives in the world without your interference.

All will be revealed in time. It is not for you to decide which of your seeds to save and care for. That is for Life and the flow of creation to decide. I will hold them and scatter them all with my blessings whether they sprout or not. Seeds, even your own seeds of potential, have lives of their own which are to be honored and not to be controlled. This is why I am referred to as the Veiled One – I am the Keeper of the Mystery of the Seeds. 

Trust me in my keeping of your seeds and all will be well with you and with them. Remember my blessing is on all the seeds of potential without regard to which ones sprout or bloom. All the seeds are equally precious in my sight and none are ever wasted. The seeds of potential that are truly yours will always come back to you, without need for undue effort on your part. Let them be.

What else would Cailleach like people to know?

It is important that you understand that the Earth has a life of her own and her own evolution that humans do not create or share in. In a sense you ride her currents, and the more you understand this, the better you will be able to ride her flow instead of pushing against it. Earth and I are pristine in our adherence to the rhythms of life.

We are playing our part in a planetary and inter-galactic dance that goes way beyond the tiny considerations of the species called Human. We wish to take our place in the joyful dance of the spheres. Earth is part of a community of beings that you call stars and planets. We adjust our flow to coherence with the rest of the galaxy. The Earth was previously lonely and isolated and now there are feelings of great joy as she consciously takes her place in the larger dance, the Great Dance of the Universe.

What is right relationship between ourselves and Cailleach? 

Right relationship with me is tuning into the Earth’s seasons, becoming aware of your own internal seasons, letting go of your seeds of potential, and experiencing my destructive powers as a form of balancing.

What offering would Cailleach like us to bring her?

The best offering you can give is to join with me in the dance. To join the dance is to honor the vastness of Creation and our planetary home and your human part in it. You are part of the concentric circles of human, earth, galaxy, Universe, and Source. This is a wholistic system that is constantly in motion. To acknowledge and celebrate your place in the circles is your human part of the dance. 

A lovely way to join the dance is to go outside and tune into the wheeling motion of the stars, the rotation of the planets around the sun, the circular flow of the seasons. Allow yourself to become aware of how you are part of the motion of the whole. Let your body and spirit move and sing along.

I invite you to join the dance!

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