Love Does Not Need to Be Earned

BY Suzanne West

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Love does not need to be earned. Love just is, and you are inherently worthy just as you are. Love, in its most profound sense, is the force that unifies creation. As an expression of creation you are always intrinsically lovable. You entered into this life as a fresh new being, an innocent baby. When you were born you were worthy of love and nothing has changed since then, regardless of whether the family you were born into was able to recognize your magnificence.

Some things do need to be earned – like academic degrees, job salaries, and achievement awards. Love never needs to be earned. If you have to earn love, it’s not really love. Love is about your worth as a being and is not conditional.

Some of the people in our lives, especially our parents, may have been limited in their ability to express love towards us in the ways that we needed or wanted. From these experiences we deduced that we must be lacking something or they would have loved us better. This is an understandable but inaccurate view. It is easy to be confused about what love is when you only feel the lack of it coming from other people.

As long as you look to other people you will always wonder, when they don’t express love as you’d like, whether that is your fault. Dogs may be the only creatures that are able to come close to expressing unconditional love towards us. Humans aren’t so great at it. We could learn a lot from dogs!

You can learn to love yourself unconditionally once you stop believing that you need to justify your existence to others in order to be loved.

When you shift your awareness to your own incredible lovableness you also shift what you resonate with outside of yourself. When you remember that you are loved and lovable, you will attract people and situations to you that reflect the love you hold for yourself.

People will disappoint you sometimes, and of course you may feel some sadness or anger about that. But when you are truly aware of how lovable you are, you no longer need to react to other people’s actions towards you as any kind of reflection on you. Other people will sometimes get mad at you, and it may be true that you did something wrong or hurtful. You can take responsibility for your mistakes without ceasing to love yourself. It’s OK to be wrong sometimes – that has nothing to do with being loved.

Love can’t really be taken away from you – that is just an illusion. Once you truly understand this, you will begin to experience the joy of pure love. Remember your beautiful, innocent, baby self? How could you look at that sweet face and not feel complete and utter love? Love does not need to be earned. Love just is.

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