Your Soul’s Mission is Flexible

BY Suzanne West

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People who come to me for Akashic Record sessions often ask me questions about their soul’s mission or purpose. I can assure you that your soul’s mission is not a static thing. Yes, your soul is the eternal part of yourself, but do not let the word “eternal” confuse you. Eternal does not mean fixed and unmoving, instead it is flexible and changeable within the context of timelessness. Therefore your soul purpose can evolve and change as the experiences of your soul evolve.

Several years ago I went to my own Akashic Records to ask about my original soul purpose. My thought was that if I knew what my purpose was from the moment my soul began, that I would have a better idea how to manifest that purpose in my life. My guides showed me that my original soul purpose was to dissect, categorize and understand systems, things, and qualities in tiny, minute detail. Interestingly, I had a very negative reaction to this purpose – it felt very boring and limited to me. When I shared my feelings with my Akashic Record guides, they surprised me by suggesting that perhaps I had outgrown this soul purpose.

I learned that my original soul purpose was valid and useful for my growth at one time, but that I was no longer resonating with that as my current mission. I was very happy when my Akashic Record guides informed me that I can actually choose a new soul purpose at anytime. It is not a permanent assignment handed down from on high that I am obligated to fulfill.

How wonderful that the mission of our souls includes choice and flexibility!

As your soul’s experiences change over time, in partnership with your current bodily incarnated self, your purpose and mission may also shift. You will always carry the essence of your soul, yet you and your soul together may choose a new mission that better fits your current inclinations and evolution. Just as people change careers and goals throughout their lives, so may our souls shift in their purpose.

There is no need to feel limited by the idea that you came into this life with a fixed mission. This is a free-will Universe, and new choices and possibilities are always available to you. The frequency of the Akashic Records is all about restoring flow and creating new movement that enlivens and enriches the pathway of your life. New adventures and soul missions await you!

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