You do not need fixing!

BY Suzanne West

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One of the most important things I have learned in my work with myself and clients in the Akashic Records is that we are all fine just the way we are. You do not need to be fixed! Yes, you may be in pain, or want to grow and learn in new directions, and need changes, and the Records can help you make those shifts. At the same time, in this moment, from the perspective of your Akashic Records, you are in a state of sacred perfection. Sacred perfection includes the possibility of making mistakes.

Mistakes, which seem so negative, are actually opportunities for learning and growing. What we humans take so seriously as right choice/wrong choice is viewed in a very neutral way by the Akashic Records as learning experiences. It is like the first time you try a new food or recipe. How will you know if you like fish with garlic sauce unless you taste it? If you find out you don’t like it, it’s not a mistake, you just learn not to eat that food again.

The Akashic Records fully accept you just as you are in this moment and offer no judgments. My clients and I have benefited so much from this compassionate attitude.

We are all OK just the way we are and we really don’t need fixing. What a liberating idea!

Once you really understand this, you no longer need to waste your energy by being self-critical or trying to fix yourself. You can use your strengths and abilities to discover new possibilities and new directions to move in. It is always possible to start anew from wherever you are at this moment in your journey. You are not broken – you are a unique and special Being in the process of evolving. Like a mosaic that is made up of broken pieces, your life creates a beautiful pattern when seen from the soul perspective of your Akashic Records.

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