The Summer Solstice: Connecting with the Sun

BY Suzanne West

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The wheel of the year continually turns and is marked by the solstices and equinoxes, the quarterly turning points that orient us to the cycle of the seasons and bring us into alignment with the sacred processes of nature and time. The Summer Solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years in the Northern Hemisphere and occurs on June 21st. The sun will be at its highest zenith in the sky and it will be the longest day of the year.

When I asked the Akashic Records for guidance about the meaning and importance of the Summer Solstice I was given information about two special qualities of the sun at this solstice turning point – the Outer Light and the Inner Light.

The sun exists simultaneously as both a physical and an energetic being, so we are able to be nourished both physically and metaphysically by the light of the sun.

The Outer Light

The Outer Light is all about the actual physical sun that is the center of our solar system. Honoring the seasonal turning point of the Summer Solstice brings us into direct connection with the strongest, most glorious light of the sun that gives us life. Without the sunshine we would have no food or heat or light. The Earth would be a dark and cold planet.

The Summer Solstice is a special time for remembering and honoring the importance of the sun that our planet revolves around. The sun is the very center, the heart of our solar system. To celebrate the Summer Solstice is to celebrate our physical existence and to express gratitude to the light and warmth that enlivens the Earth and all her creatures.

Renewing Your Connection with the Outer Light

To renew your connection with the Outer Light on the Summer Solstice, take some time to go outside and bask in the warmth and light of the sun. Even if it is a cloudy day, you can still sense the heat and sunshine behind the clouds. Raise your arms and greet the sun or lay down and soak up the warmth of the rays on your skin. Allow your body to be recharged with light and power. Thank the sun aloud or silently for the gifts of life, nourishment, and warmth that have been bestowed upon you. Celebrate your alignment with this glorious light at its very brightest and strongest at this time of the year.

The Inner Light

The Inner Light is the light of your own essential being that you were born with, glowing and bright. For many of us, this bright light, and the natural self-confidence that goes with it, have become dimmed and tarnished as we experience life’s inevitable disappointments and setbacks. However, just as the sun is always shining in the center of the solar system no matter whether it is cloudy or night-time, so too does your own Inner Light continually shine.

Renewing Your Connection to the Inner Light

To renew your connection to the Inner Light within your own being, you can use this simple visualization technique.

First, sit comfortably and imagine that you can see the beautiful golden sun through a large picture window. The window may appear to you as clean and clear, or you might notice that the light of the sun coming through the window is dimmed by dark smudges on the glass, or by tattered layers of curtains that obscure the view. If the view of your sun is not clear, simply use your imagination to clean the glass or pull the curtains aside.

When your view of the sun is clear in your inner visualization, bring your attention to your heart center in the middle of your upper chest. Notice the bright glow of the beautiful sunlight beaming towards you from beyond the window. Allow yourself to receive this light directly into your heart center. Let yourself feel the warmth and glow of your own glorious inner radiance. Recharge your Inner Light for as long as you like. And know that your Inner Light is always available to you as the source of the creative fire of inspiration that gives life to your visions.

The time of the Summer Solstice is a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with both the Outer Light and the Inner Light of the sun, bringing a sublime radiance to your life.

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